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What We Have Done

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We are a Waikato non profit organisation founded in 2015. 


started with the simple belief that every child should have warm clothing, a warm bed at night and shoes on their feet.  

We supply quality clothing packs to children in need across the Waikato.  What started as a small opportunity to make a change within our community has blossomed into a fully fledged organisation that has helped supply clothing packs to over 5500 children in the past 6.5 years.


By providing families with clothing for their children we can reduce the wider impacts of poverty.  Children that are well clothed participate in education better as they get sick less often also resulting in reduced doctors and hospital visits.  We also believe that by providing clothing for these children, we can reduce the overall financial burden on families, enabling them to channel their limited funds into food and housing.  Clothing is then in turn passed down from one family to another – assisting the wider community.


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Our Process


Clothes are Collected

Donating clothes is a great way to help others in need. We have a Drop Off location at Little Split P – 11 Liverpool Street, Hamilton. We accept donations of clothing and shoes from Newborn to size 12 years.



Each pack will have 4-5 sets of clothing, 2 sets of pyjamas, 2 jumpers, a hat, socks and shoes.  In winter we will add a jacket or dressing gown if available.  We ensure all clothing that goes in packs is still in good condition and work by the motto of “if I wouldn’t put it on my child, it won’t go in a pack”.


Clothes are delivered

Once our clothes have been packaged up they are collected by our agencies who then forward them on to the families.

What Our People Say

loved all of the clothing that you provided, that they felt the clothing was brand new and that the clothing smelt nice

Thank you so so so much. The work you are all doing is absolutely amazing and I am so grateful for your gift to my kids last week!


Dad was also stoked with the shoe sizes and after his little one refused to wear any shoes is now proudly wearing them. This family are very appreciative of your kind gesture in giving them a helping hand.



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Wondering how else you can help? Businesses can always help by running a sock/pyjama/singlet drive for us – maybe a shared morning tea and everyone brings and item along to donate?  All monetary donations are fully tax-deductible.

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